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6 Reasons Grizzly Coolers are the Coolest

6 Reasons Grizzly Coolers are the Coolest

August 26, 2016

Joyce Farms is an authorized dealer of Grizzly coolers because they’re the best, and if you’ve tried any of our poultry or beef products, you know we’re sticklers for quality! When we decided to add premium coolers to our offerings, we did our research and chose to partner with Grizzly Coolers. Here’s why:

1. They’re Made in America

Made in the USAAll Grizzly coolers are manufactured right here in the USA, in the small town of Decorah, Iowa. That’s not always the case with other premium cooler brands. Yeti coolers, for example, are manufactured in China, the Philippines, and the United States.

2. Quality Construction

Grizzly Coolers are made using RotoTough™ rotationally molded construction for maximum durability. The “roto-molding” uses heat and rotation to evenly disperse plastic material within a mold to create the cooler body. The process helps ensure that Grizzly coolers are tough enough to withstand almost any conditions or abuse. It also produces very little waste (most excess material can be reused), making it economical and environmentally friendly.

3. Certified Bear-Proof

Grizzly ProofSpeaking of durability, Grizzly coolers are certified to be bear-proof by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. They’re put through strict IGBC Bear Resistance testing to make sure cooler contents and the animals are kept safe.

4. Cold for Days!

A cooler’s most important attribute is its ability to keep things cold for a long time, and Grizzly coolers do just that. The cooler’s roto-molded construction and pressure-injected foam insulation work together to hold internal temperature extremely well. A Grizzly cooler will keep ice frozen up to 6 days!

5. Guaranteed for Life

Lifetime Warranty When you invest in a premium cooler, you want it to last. Grizzly coolers are come with a lifetime warranty (compared to a 5 year warranty offered by some other premium brands like Yeti).

6. People Love Them, Including Us

From chefs to fisherman, there is a growing community of Grizzly enthusiasts who stand behind the brand as the best premium cooler (see some of their ambassadors here). Now we are among them. In addition to selling Joyce Farms Grizzly coolers on our website, we frequently give them as gifts, prizes and use them in our own day to day operations. Our farmer partners love them because they are perfect for keeping produce, drinks, or anything else long, hot days outside. Our sales team loves them because they keep sample products cold during long food shows or as they travel around the region visiting customers. Our customers love them because they are great for travel or any outdoor activities — that’s why they’re the “Outdoor Everything Cooler.” Whether it’s in a field under the blazing sun, on your tailgate during the game, or at your campsite for days, the Grizzly won’t disappoint.

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