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Hot Dogs and Burgers are Here!

Hot Dogs and Burgers are Here!

July 03, 2017

Burgers and hot dogs on grill

This could be the best summer ever! Here's why:

Summer means grilling out, picnics, baseball games, backyards full of friends and neighbors and relatives. In other words, summer means hot dogs and hamburgers. And this summer, they can be Joyce Farms' new Naked Beef hot dogs and hamburgers. We think that makes this the best summer ever.

These are not ordinary hot dogs and hamburgers. They’re made with pure 100% grass-fed and finished Aberdeen Angus, the exact same quality beef you find in our steaks, roasts and other products. They’re made from cattle born and raised in the USA – their beef can be traced to cattle on a single farm – and given no antibiotics, animal by-products, added hormones or growth stimulants.

Our hot dogs are gluten free, uncured, naturally smoked, and contain no preservatives and no nitrates or nitrites (except for naturally occurring nitrite in sea salt and celery powder).

Our hamburgers are gluten free and contain no fillers or preservatives.

When people want to say something is new and different, they’ll say “it’s not your grandfather’s” whatever. Well, guess what – these ARE your grandfather’s hot dogs and hamburgers. We’ve gone back to the way things used to be, before hot dogs were filled with all kinds of stuff (trust us – you don’t want to know) and hamburgers were made with industrially-raised corn-fed cattle. So, this summer, go back in time and enjoy all-beef hot dogs and hamburgers that taste the way they were meant to taste. You’ll never want any other kind.