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Our Best Hatch Yet & Our New Hatchery Manager!

Our Best Hatch Yet & Our New Hatchery Manager!

March 29, 2017

Earlier this month, on 3/15/17, we had our most successful Poulet RougeTM chicken hatch to date with a hatch rate of 95.33%! This is an increase over our 2016 average Poulet RougeTM chicken hatch rate of 92.84%, and far beyond the industry hatch rate average of around 83%. (source)

As of January, we have been hatching all of our Poulet RougeTM chicks in our new hatchery that was added during our plant expansion.


  • Pasture raised after 6 weeks of age.
  • Livability on the farms averages 99%. (industry avg. is 95.20% - source)
  • Our Poulet RougeTM are grown for 84 days. (industry avg. is 47 days - source)
  • Live weight at market age is 4.30 lbs. (industry avg. is 6.18 lbs. - source)

We are also excited to announce that we recently promoted Saibra Campbell as Joyce Farms’ Hatchery Manager and Field Technician! Saibra joined Joyce Farms in July of 2016 as a Quality Control (QC) Technician. After several months of working in QC, she became interested in the farming and hatching side of our business. Saibra was raised on a farm in Clarkton, NC which is where she discovered her love for farming. Saibra will be responsible for the day to day operations of our hatchery, animal welfare and biosecurity programs, and grow out operations for our Poulet RougeTM chicken, Pintade Fermiere, White Pheasant and Heritage Black Turkey.

Saibra Campbell