Batistini Farms Estate 15 Barrel Aged 12yr Balsamic Vinegar (8.5 fl oz)

Batistini Farms' dense Estate 15 Invecchiato (aged vinegar) is a 12 year Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy. It has been has been aged for more than a decade in oak wood barrels. The aroma of this artisan balsamic vinegar is handcrafted with mostly cooked grape must, and a small percentage of wine vinegar from a family-run vintner.

Harmonious balance of oak notes with an intense bittersweet taste. It is a rich bright color with a well-balanced acidity.

Use/Pairings - meat, fish, cooked vegetables, mixed field greens, pasta, potatoes, risotto, crispy potatoes, meat, artisan bread, cheese, arugula, avocado, fruit salad, ice cream, strawberries

No artificial ingredients, No additives, Non-GMO, Naturally Gluten-free

Please note this product comes in a glass bottle.

Slight variations may occur from batch to batch for handcrafted vinegars made with superior quality ingredients.