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Bone-In 11 Rib Pork Loin


  • Bone in Pork Loin cut from the Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS) heritage breed, known for producing tender, succulent pork that's full of natural flavor. Our Old Spot pigs are raised on a small family farm in North Carolina. They eat an all-vegetarian diet, are able to roam freely indoors and outdoors, and are able to breed and mature naturally. These bone-in, center-cut loins are trimmed and ready for roasting whole, or portioning for bone-in chops.

    • One (1) piece - 9.5 lb average
    • Ships Frozen
    • Pasture-raised
    • All-Natural - Nothing Added Ever
    • No antibiotics or added hormones
    • No animal by-products
    • No growth stimulants
    • Heritage Pork
    • Our Heritage Pork comes from an old-world English heritage breed. The Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS) is the oldest pedigreed spotted pig in the world, dating back to 1790. The breed is known for its distinctive black spots, floppy ears, and ability to produce flavorful, succulent pork with generous fat and marbling. This breed was the gourmets' pork of choice in England through the 1920s and 1930s, before industrialized agriculture and factory farming caused outdoor pigs to fall out of favor. Like all of our animals, Joyce Farms GOS Heritage pigs are pasture raised and enjoy an all-vegetarian diet. They are raised humanely, at a natural pace on small family farms using Regenerative Agriculture methods that improves the health of the land and nutritional value of food that comes from it.
      • Raised on small family farms in the U.S.
      • All-Natural - Nothing Added Ever
      • No hormones or steroids
      • No growth stimulants
      • No animal by-products
      • Nothing artificial

Category: Pork

Type: Pork

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