#CelebrateMeat with Joyce Farms!

Over the next year, in collaboration with some of our talented chef customers, we will use our social media channels to #CelebrateMeat -- specifically, meat raised using responsible and regenerative methods that:

One thing we’ve learned in the almost 60 years we’ve spent in the food industry is that not all food production systems are created equal. Farming practices have a tremendous impact - whether positive or negative - on our lives and the world around us.

While modern, industrial meat production systems have certainly been efficient in terms of yield and cost, they have generated a host of unexpected problems for human health, animal welfare, and of course, the environment.

So, the gut reaction to “cancel meat” is somewhat understandable, except that we know there is a better way.

Raising heritage breeds on farms using responsible and regenerative practices, we can turn the same negative effects from industrial farming into positive ones. Through better production systems, we can produce nutrient-dense food that supports human health, maintain high welfare standards that benefit the animals, restore health to degenerated soil, and effectively work to reverse climate change.

Meat raised responsibly is possible, and with those positive impacts, it absolutely should be celebrated!

Join the Celebration!

Beginning September 2021, and continuing through our 60th anniversary in October 2022, follow our social media channels and the hashtag #CelebrateMeat to learn more about the impacts of meat raised responsibly.

Each month, we will highlight a special item from our Heritage Meat & Poultry line that we feel exemplifies the qualities and eating experience that better systems provide. We will share information about the breeds we use, raising standards, and thoughts from some of our chef customers, many of whom will be featuring these items in their restaurants.


Heritage Aberdeen Angus Beef

- Heritage genetics that can be traced back to Scottish Angus Bull #1, "Old Jock" born in 1842

- 100% Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished

- Raised on pasture using Regenerative Agriculture practices

- Certified GAP Step 4 by the Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Program

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Each day when we buy food, we vote with our dollars in support of production systems. We invite you to consider what systems you want to support the next time you make a food purchase, and #CelebrateMeat with us through social media to help raise awareness about the positive impacts of responsible meat production practices.