Celebrate Meat

Join Joyce Farms as we #CelebrateMeat on our social media channels! 

You want meat and poultry that is flavorful, nutrient dense, and that positively impacts animal welfare and the planet -- too much to ask for, right? Wrong.

The raising of animals for meat production has become a hot topic for debate in recent years, and certainly, modern agricultural practices have created big problems that warrant a call for change. The best way to evoke that change is to vote with your dollars, by supporting responsible farming systems.

Meat can, and should, be raised to positively impact the environment, preserve heritage breeds, produce healthy and flavorful food, and promote animal welfare. When meat is raised responsibly, it should be celebrated. And that's what we, along with some of our chef customers, are going to do!

Rather than cancelling all meat (a whisper that’s reverberating in some circles right now), we are launching an initiative celebrate better meat, encouraging support for responsible meat production systems and the restaurants that support them.