Introducing our 36-Month Aged Cured Heritage Ham

- Extremely Limited Quantities, ORDER NOW - Only 192 Available Worldwide!

- Flat price includes FREE GROUND SHIPPING to your door

- Crafted from Joyce Farms Heritage Pork, which is abundantly marbled and ideal for a long, slow aging process

- Traditional, old-world salt and sugar cure

- Perfect balance of salty and sweet, with silky fat for a melt-in-your-mouth finish

Three years ago, we set out to produce a ham that could rival the Jamon Iberico, widely considered to be the finest in the world. Today, we are proud to say we have achieved that with our Signature Cured Heritage Ham, which boasts a flavor that matches, or even exceeds, other hams. And, it’s raised right here in the United States!

How do we do it? One key element is breed selection. We use the same Gloucestershire Old Spot breed that we raise for our Heritage Pork products. It’s ideal for a pasture-centered lifestyle, and is known to produce the abundant amount of marbling needed for a long, slow-aging process.

Our hams are expertly cured using a traditional, old world salt and sugar cure, and aged a minimum of 24 months for an incredible depth of flavor.

Expertly Cured in North Carolina: