Dietary Information

Why Our Naked Beef, Naked Chicken & Heritage Poultry Are Right For You

Our Naked Chicken, Heritage Poultry and grass-fed Naked Beef are raised to be naturally better for you. They're perfect for any healthy lifestyle, or to meet specific dietary guidelines.

The Paleo Diet

Our products, particularly our free-range Heritage Poultry and grass-fed Naked Beef, are very Paleo diet friendly.

They are:

  • Raised on local, sustainable family farms and given a natural diet
  • Genetically in keeping with Paleo requirements
  • Rich in healthy animal fats
  • Gluten free
  • Have no additives
  • Minimally processed
As a result, the Joyce Farms web store can be a reliable, trusted source for Paleo meats (with consistent quality and great flavor) that might be hard to find elsewhere. To learn more about how Joyce Farms foods fit into the Paleo diet, check out this clip from the Low Carb Paleo Show.

Gluten Free Diet

All Joyce Farms products are gluten free.

Low-Carb and Diabetic Diets

All Joyce Farms products are carbohydrate free. They will not raise blood glucose levels. All of our beef, poultry and game products are on the American Diabetes Association’s list of Best Protein Choices.