Heritage Bison

A Heritage of Flavor and Nutrition

The American Frontier Bison fed Native Americans and settlers for hundreds of years, and was almost hunted to extinction. Today, the bison population has been replenished, and it remains a protein of choice for those who seek both great taste and nutrition in dining. Unfortunately, most Bison in America today are raised in feedlots, on a grain diet that is not only unnatural for the animal, but that also drastically reduces the nutritional benefits and flavor of the meat.

Raised the Natural Way

Joyce Farms Heritage Bison are raised on 2,500 acres of grassland, on a family ranch in the prairie of Wisconsin. They graze on a 100% grass diet that includes a diverse mix of plant life, as they would have centuries ago. Our bison are raised using holistic management and Regenerative Agriculture principles that restore soil health and improve the flavor and nutritional value of the meat. Dr. Allen Williams, our Chief Ranching Officer and an expert in soil health and grazing methodology, has worked with the family who raises the bison to develop their grass and forage program.

The Highest Raising Standards

  • Raised on non-GMO grass & forage - no grain ever
  • 100% grass fed and finished - no feedlots ever
  • No growth hormones or antibiotics ever
  • Continuous access to pasture
  • Humanely field harvested and processed on the farm

Culinary Advantages

  • Delicious, non-gamey, slightly sweet flavor
  • Exceptionally tender
  • Consistent quality and taste
  • Nutrient-dense meat that is rich in CLAs, healthy fats, and essential vitamins

Nothing Added EVER

Like all of our animals, Joyce Farms Heritage Bison are raised naturally using our "never EVER" standards of purity: No antibiotics, no growth stimulants, no animal by-products, and no artificial ingredients, ever.

 No Hormones


No Hormones or Steroids


No Animal By-Products


No Artificial Ingredients


Attention to Animal Welfare, from Start to Finish

At harvest time, our bison are not corralled, loaded and shipped to a processing plant, causing stress and fear. Instead, they're field harvested and processed on the farm, by the same family who raises them. From start to finish, our Heritage Bison are treated with care and with respect for their natural behaviors and instincts.