About Label Rouge

We raise our Heritage Poulet Rouge® Chickens with old-world care and tradition on our small family farms using our "never EVER" standards of purity — no antibiotics, no added hormones, no growth stimulants, and no animal by-products in feed. Then, we go beyond that, using a selection of standards from the French Label Rouge program.

The Label Rouge program, started by the French government in 1960, requires very specific slow-growing genetics that have been qualified through taste and other sensory evaluations to be significantly superior to other products in the marketplace. The program also has very specific growing and processing requirements that are much more stringent than any other program in the world, and we are proud to use some of those same standards to raise our Poulet Rouge® Chickens. 

Label Rouge (Red Label)

Label Rouge: Pasture-Based Poultry Production in France