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Poulet Rouge Fermier® Boneless Chicken Roulade


  • Our Poulet Rouge Fermier Boneless Chicken Roulade creates a memorable meal with minimal effort and maximum flavor. We suggest you try your first Roulade au naturale (salt and pepper only) to appreciate the natural flavor, then be as creative as you like! Try with different seasonings, sauces, or stuffed with a filling of your choice. 

    • One (1) Poulet Rouge Fermier Chicken Roulade, Ave. weight of 2.3 lbs each
    • Ships Frozen
    • Heritage Poultry
    • Our Heritage Poultry is a step above anything you will find anywhere else. We raise these special birds with old-world care and tradition on our small family farms “never EVER” standards of purity and strict Label Rouge guidelines. Learn more
      • Slow grown & air-chilled
      • Raised on small family farms in the U.S.
      • No antibiotics, hormones, growth stimulants, or animal by-products
      • Heritage breeds from France

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