Joyce Farms Wins Prestigious Grassfed Industry Award

June 16, 2016 0 Comments

Joyce Farms Wins Prestigious Grassfed Industry Award

Dr. Allen Williams Ph.D.Written By Dr. Allen Williams, Ph.D.
A champion of the grass-fed beef industry as well as cutting edge grazing methodology, Allen helps restore natural soil water retention and reduce runoff, increase land productivity, enhance plant and wildlife biodiversity, and produce healthier food. He also serves as Joyce Farms' CRO (Chief Ranching Officer). Learn more about Allen

In addition to being part of the Joyce Farms team as Chief Ranching Officer, it’s my privilege to serve on a number of industry boards and committees, including the board of directors for the Grassfed Exchange. The Grassfed Exchange is a volunteer, non-profit organization of regenerative ranchers and grassfed industry supporters that holds the largest grassfed industry conference held annually in the U.S.

Each year the Grassfed Exchange Conference brings together farmers, ranchers, industry professionals and experts, university personnel, and USDA personnel for the exchange of ideas and information through seminars, farm tours and educational presentations.

They also use the occasion to give out awards to the “best of the best” in our industry. The 2016 Grassfed Exchange Conference was held in Perry, GA on April 27-29, with attendees coming from 42 different states and 5 different countries. I’m proud to say that at that conference, Ron Joyce and Joyce Farms were unanimously selected as the Grassfed Exchange Distributor/Marketer/Retailer of the Year.

The purpose of these awards is to recognize and honor those who have made significant contributions to the production of good food and agricultural stewardship, and Joyce Farm’s dedication to offering the consumer not only healthy products that are good for the land, the animals, and us -- but also products that are tender and delicious – was one of the major reasons for their selection for this award.


In naming Ron Joyce and Joyce Farms the winners, the selection committee cited their 50+ years of contribution to regenerative agriculture, revitalization of the rural economy, production of high attribute proteins, and commitment to providing consumers with a healthy choice in grassfed beef and poultry.

Receiving this award is a significant achievement, and I’m delighted Ron and the team here were chosen. Working with them, I see their hard work and dedication to quality every day, and it’s nice to see it recognized by our peers. It’s also a compliment to Joyce Farms customers, because when you choose Joyce Farms products, you’re choosing the industry-recognized best there is.