Frequently Asked Questions


QUESTION: What do Joyce Farms birds eat?


We feed our birds a wholesome grain diet that is primarily corn and soy and contains no animal by-products ever. The feed is supplemented with vitamins and minerals that are needed to sustain good animal health, and the feed is laboratory tested to be free of antibiotics, pesticides, and chemicals.

QUESTION: Are Joyce Farms products non-GMO?


Our Beef Cattle graze everyday in open pastures where non-GMO grasses, legumes, and forbs are grown. Beef Cattle are never fed grains, Dried Distiller's Grains (DDG's), or feedlot rations. The diet of our cattle is fully non-GMO.

Our Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs graze everyday in open pastures where non-GMO grasses, legumes, brassicas, tubers, and forbs are grown. In addition to the forage that they graze, our hogs are supplied with free-choice access to a grain diet consisting of non-GMO corn and soy. We are currently experimenting with potential replacements for soy in the diet.

Our Poulet Rouge® are free-ranging in pasture where they can hunt and scratch for seeds, flowers, forbs, and grasses, as well as protein sources like insects and worms. The poultry have unrestricted access to a grain diet that includes milled corn and soy. We are currently working to improve our grain supply to convert the diet to 100% non-GMO grains.

All of our farms are currently operating without pesticides, and we have eliminated the use of glyphosate. Our animal feeds are regularly tested, by independent laboratories, to be free of pesticide, herbicide, and antibiotic residues.

We are working diligently everyday to accomplish our non-GMO and chemical-free goals. Read more about our raising standards here, and our regenerative practices here.

QUESTION: Are Joyce Farms chickens raised outdoors or inside a barn?


We have two lines of chickens we offer here at Joyce Farms. First, we have our Poulet Rouge® Chickens which are our slow-growing, heritage chickens that are pasture-raised in North Carolina and have access to roam freely outdoors starting at 6 weeks of age. To keep our birds safe and comfortable, they're free to shelter indoors when the outside elements are less than ideal. We also have our all-natural, antibiotic-free Naked Chickens that have access to roam in spacious heated or cooled barns so they get plenty of exercise in a low stress environment with no overcrowding.

QUESTION: Does Joyce Farms use arsenic in the feeds?


Absolutely not. And to verify this, all feed is tested to verify it does not contain arsenic or arsenic residue.

QUESTION: Are Joyce Farms’ products Organic?


No. Organic standards allow the use of antibiotics in the first days of life, do not address animal welfare, and do not require testing of soil, water, and feed. We do not use antibiotics in any of our products, ever. Although organic standards are a step in the right direction, we feel our raising standards and animal welfare beliefs exceed the organic label. All of our Heritage animals are raised using Regenerative farming methods. 

QUESTION: Are Joyce Farms products gluten free?


Yes. Joyce Farms poultry, sausages, game birds, and Grass Fed Beef are Gluten free.

QUESTION: Are Joyce Farms products Halal?


No, our products are not Halal.

QUESTION: How do we verify all of our standards and practices are met?


Joyce Farms is a family owned company. We own our hatchery, transport vehicles, equipment and harvesting facility. We are involved in every step of the way. We train our growers and employees to meet our protocols, and require each grower to sign an affidavit stating that he or she has followed and met our raising standards and animal welfare policies. In addition, we have annual third party audit verifications to ensure we are meeting our animal welfare and processing standards, and we have a veterinarian on staff who visits each farm on a weekly basis.

QUESTION: Is your grass-fed beef also grass-finished?


Yes. Our Aberdeen Angus cattle are fed and finished on 100% grass. They feed only on the grasses raised in our pastures and are never fed corn, grain, soy, or distillers grains.

QUESTION: Why does the Heritage Black Turkey have what appears to be black spots on its skin?


Unlike commercially bred white turkeys, when dark-plumed turkeys are processed, pigment from their feathers extrudes into the skin, turning parts of the skin into a blue/black spot. This does not affect the bird in any way other than appearance. It is a trait of the old world heritage breed.

QUESTION: Do you sell eggs?


No. We reserve all of our eggs for hatching.

QUESTION: Are your products raised in the USA?


Yes, all of our products are born, raised, and harvested in the USA.

QUESTION: What's the difference between your Naked Chicken and Poulet Rouge® Chicken?


Joyce Farms' Naked Chicken is a commercial-type bird that is raised to our standards, with nothing added ever - no antibiotics, no growth stimulants, no animal by-products, nothing artificial. These products are superior in taste and quality to what you might typically find in the grocery stores, due to the chickens' higher quality diet, growing conditions, and processing methods.

Joyce Farms' Poulet Rouge® Chicken is a heritage bird, which means it is genetically a different breed of chicken. This bird comes from the French Label Rouge program and we selected it for its superior culinary qualities. The meat is firm, but not tough, juicy, and it is an ideal roasting bird. One difference that you will see right away is that the Poulet Rouge® is a thin-skinned bird. This is one of the things that makes it superior for any roast chicken recipe. It is going to have a robust chicken taste, because it is a slow-growing breed, and you will notice a terroir (the taste of the land), like a fine wine, because the birds are pasture-raised and allowed to forage.


QUESTION: Do you have a retail location?


We do not have our own storefront location, but you may order through our website for local pickup by selecting the local pickup option at checkout, and choosing your preferred date and time to pick up. Our pick up hours are Monday - Friday from 1:00pm - 4:00pm. You will receive an email from us on the day of your pickup, to confirm it is ready at our plant - 4787 Kinnamon Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27103. You can also find our products at select, specialty retail stores

QUESTION: Why didn't I receive an email confirmation for my online order?


Automatically generated emails like email confirmations can sometimes be flagged as spam by common email service providers. To prevent this, please add our email to your safe senders list or whitelist.