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Served by Top Chefs Nationwide

Joyce Farms' protocols in farming combined with heritage genetics and humane animal husbandry yield the finest tasting meats with great flavor and tenderness.

Chef Frank Stitt, Highlands Bar and Grill

As a chef who cares deeply about humane treatment of animals and regenerative farming practices, I am impressed by how Joyce Farms places those ideals prominently in their business and operational model.

Chef Hari Pulapaka, Cress Restaurant

Joyce Farms is an important source for great-tasting proteins for The Mercer Kitchen. I wholeheartedly support their effort for 3rd-party verification and setting ethical protocols to guarantee the quality of their products.

Chef Chris Beischer, The Mercer Kitchen

There's a lot of talk today about responsibly raised, all-natural, antibiotic-free meats, and those things are very important to us as a restaurant group. But on top of that, as a chef I can say, there's a true difference in taste.

Chef Miherwan Irani, Chai Pani