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Produced by Farm Hounds® using Joyce Farms turkey. These all-natural bite-size treats are the perfect size and shape for training!

  • 4.5 oz bag of treats, 100% all-natural turkey
  • Made from Joyce Farms turkey raised with nothing added ever - no added hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, or pesticides
  • Free of salt, sugar, fillers, chemicals, and preservatives

Nutritional Benefits

PACKED full of vitamins and minerals:

  • Protein (builds/repairs muscle and body tissue)
  • Phosphorus (cell development, healthy kidney function)
  • Niacin (healthy nervous system, aids in metabolism of carbs, proteins, fats)

    Guaranteed Analysis:

    • Crude Protein (min): 57.28%
    • Crude Fat (min): 25.38%
    • Crude Fiber (max): 0.69%
    • Moisture (max): 6.61%
    • 4162 kcal/kg
    • 118 kcal/oz


    Keep in a cool/dry place, in the resealable bag they come in. Keep them away from wet environments and keep the bag closed when you aren't using them. Use your freezer for longer term storage, and thaw at room temperature when ready to use.