Our Facility

Our headquarters and poultry processing plant are located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This facility includes office space for our administrative, management, and sales personnel, a temperature-controlled loading dock area, a hatchery for birds in our Heritage Poultry product line, and a large industrial kitchen for product research and development.

Heritage Poultry Humanely Harvested by Hand

All of our Heritage birds are humanely and individually processed by hand at our plant. Our poultry processing plant has consistently earned a 100% score in animal welfare by a third party auditing company.

  • Each bird is hand eviscerated, cleaned, and individually inspected by our employees and the USDA, then thoroughly washed and graded. Our slower line speed allows a much closer inspection than in industrial plants.
  • Once processed, the birds are moved to a chilling room to be air chilled. This process allows the birds to be chilled without the risk of cross contamination and without absorbing added water or chlorine from an industrial water bath chiller. It also helps preserve the birds' true flavor.
  • Finally, the birds are moved to final processing where they are again graded by hand, packaged, and boxed for shipping.

Modern Efficiencies

While we do most of the work in our plant by hand, we have modern efficiencies in place to ensure production and delivery of quality products. Our fabrication is equipped with a scale system to improve the efficiency of our operations while ensuring accuracy. An additional system of conveyers moves product down the line as it is hand cut by our team. This allows us to maintain our superior hand-cut/hand-trimmed standards while increasing the overall level of productivity. 

Food Safety

Everything we do at our plant is done with a sharp focus on food safety. We realize that our customers trust us to provide safe, high quality meat and poultry products, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Our USDA-inspected plant has multiple HACCP plans in place to ensure safe practices, and for 20 years we have continually received high marks on third party GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) audits. In 2021, we achieved BRC Start! Certification - the first step toward our goal of becoming fully BRC certified. The BRC, or British Retail Consortium, is a rigorous international food safety standard that is rarely pursued by companies of our size.