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Our Farms

High Quality Comes From High Raising Standards

Small Farm Philosophy

Our heritage lies in the small, traditional family farm. We believe small farmers, with their deep caring and passion for the animals, are the best at raising them, often using age-old artisan methods passed down through generations. We partner with small farmers, many of whom have been marginalized by big-industry meat producers, and we’re proud to say we’ve helped them to grow and thrive once more.

Nothing Added – EVER

The farms that raise our animals must abide by one guiding imperative: that there is nothing added EVER. Quite simply, that means: No pesticides EVER, No animal by-products EVER, No hormones EVER, No growth stimulants EVER, and No antibiotics EVER. This commitment is what allows us to produce meats the way they were meant to taste. The farms that raise our Heritage Poultry must abide by these and even stricter guidelines.

    No Hormones


No Hormones or Steroids


No Animal By-Products


No Artificial Ingredients


A Humane and Stress-Free Environment

GAP Animal Welfare Program PartnerEach of our farms is held to the strictest animal welfare standards, creating a low-stress environment that allows the animals to be raised the natural way. This encourages strong immune systems, which in turn, translate to healthier meats. Our animals all enjoy life either free-range or free roaming. They have more space per animal than most organic farms. In fact, our heritage poultry flock size averages half or less the size of the common commercial flock. Plus, to keep our birds safe and comfortable, they’re free to shelter indoors when the outside elements are less than ideal. Our grass-fed cattle roam miles of natural meadows for optimum health and well being. 

Our Heritage Poulet Rouge Fermier chicken and our Heritage Beef are Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step 4 rated. Our poultry processing plant has consistently earned a 100% score in animal welfare by a third party auditing company. All of our practices including breeding, hatching, growing, transportation, humane slaughter, and processing are carefully planned to ensure the animals are well cared for, and will result in a superior eating experience.

Sustainable Farming

Our farmers take pride in owning their land and feel a keen responsibility to care for it. Using no pesticides, careful waste handling and other sustainable practices, they can be sure their farms will produce consistently into the future. We never use artificial fertilizers – our cattle fertilize our pastures naturally, and our grazing practices recreate an age-old prairie environment.