Our Farms

Small Farm Philosophy

We believe small farmers, with their care and compassion for the animals, are the best at raising them. We partner with small family farms to raise our Heritage meat and poultry products. Many of these farmers had been marginalized by big-industry meat producers, and we’re proud to say we’ve helped them to grow and thrive once more. This carefully selected network of partner farmers have demonstrated the ability to raise our unique heritage breeds according to our strict standards regarding animal welfare and environmental impact.

Animal Welfare

Each of our farms is held to the strictest animal welfare standards, creating a low-stress environment that allows the animals to be raised the natural way. This encourages strong immune systems, which in turn, translate to healthier meats. Our Heritage cattle, pigs, chicken and turkeys enjoy a pasture centered environment. Our Heritage Poulet Rouge Fermier® Chicken and our Heritage Aberdeen Angus Beef are certified Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step 4. Our Heritage Pork is certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World.

GAP Animal Welfare Program
Animal Welfare Approved

Nothing Added - EVER

The farms that raise our heritage animals must abide by our guiding imperative that there is nothing added EVER. Quite simply, that means no antibiotics, no growth stimulants, and nothing artificial.

Regenerative Agriculture

It's a simple fact - healthy food can only come from healthy land. Soil is the foundation for all elements of agriculture, and it must be maintained and cared for. We use Regenerative Agriculture to continually improve the land on our farms, rather than just sustain it, by repairing the damage caused by years of degenerative, industrial agricultural practices. We use NO chemicals or tillage, plant complex cover crops, and use planned rotational grazing methods to create thriving, diverse pastures that are beneficial to the animal and the environment. These efforts not only preserve our land for future generations, but also produce proteins that are more flavorful and nutritious. Learn more about our Honest with Nature™ Regenerative Agriculture program.