Naked Chicken

Naked = Raised with Nothing Added Ever

Our Naked Chicken is sourced from a network of producers that meet our stringent requirements for naturally raised chicken, with nothing added EVER. That means no growth stimulants, no hormones, no antibiotics or other drugs, no pesticides, and no preservatives EVER. 

Birds in our Naked Chicken line are raised in temperature-controlled houses to strict all-natural standards, without growth additives or antibiotics. So, when we say “with nothing added ever,” we mean just that — no ifs, ands, or buts.


Premium Processing 

Our Naked Chicken line offers superior quality and sizing over the competition. Our superior processing methods are focused on hand-crafted cuts to ensure consistent size, taste, and texture. Each piece of Naked Chicken is inspected before packaging. By using skilled employees, instead of an automated deboning line, we can offer a wide variety of portioned cuts -- including many of the specialty fabrications that chefs have relied on for years.

State-of-the-Art Packaging

Our products are packed in unique packaging configurations. Our boxes are 100% recyclable – unlike the wax coated boxes that are often used in the poultry industry. Most of our items are packaged in small units, rather than a 40 or 60 pound bulk box. Our packaging technologies include high quality vacuum shrink bags, Controlled Vacuum Packaging (CVP), and thermoforming.