The Secret Is Out! Cows Are Not The Problem... It's How They're Raised.

October 12, 2018 0 Comments

The Secret Is Out!    Cows Are Not The Problem... It's How They're Raised.

We are so excited to finally debut a new documentary project, sponsored by Joyce Farms, produced by Finian Makepeace of Kiss the Ground and featuring Dr. Allen Williams, Ph.D, Joyce Farms' Chief Ranching Officer and a leading expert in soil health and regenerative agriculture.

A Regenerative Secret pulls back the curtain on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and their detrimental impact on our ecosystem. More importantly, it offers an incredible alternative that most farmers, producers, chefs, and consumers aren't even aware of yet - regenerative agriculture.


In the video, Finian visits Allen Williams' farm in Alabama, where Allen demonstrates how regenerative methods can completely restore soil health, and at a rate that we previously never thought possible. These methods can also help reverse climate change by pulling excess carbon out of the atmosphere and putting it back in the soil where it can be used. You may end up asking yourself - why isn't everyone doing this? The main reason is that they just don't know. Help us spread the knowledge by sharing this video! 

We hope A Regenerative Secret inspires more and more farmers to embrace regenerative agriculture, and encourages chefs and consumers alike to seek out responsibly raised products from farms that have implemented these practices. The future of our food system and planet depend on it.

If we continue using industrial and even sustainable organic farming methods, we are threatening both the long-term availability of the land to farm as well as our overall health. Regenerative agriculture practices can quite literally regenerate the land by rebuilding the soil, leaving it far better than our generations found it.

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