Congratulations Ron Joyce on Lifetime Achievement Award!

February 01, 2021 0 Comments

Congratulations Ron Joyce on Lifetime Achievement Award!

Ron Joyce has been awarded the National Protein and Food Distributors Association (NPFDA) Lifetime Achievement Award!!

In the fall of 2020, the NPFDA's membership was asked to nominate a person they felt has played a major role in the growth of the meat and poultry industry. This means years of service and contributions to the business along side industry icons like Col. Harland Sanders, Lonnie "Bo" Pilgrim, Don Tyson, and Frank Perdue, who are all previous recipients of the award. Ron Joyce was selected to be the latest recipient of this prestigious award and we took matters into our own hands to make it a memorable celebration with family, including balloons and cupcakes decorated to look like chickens! 

Check out the moving moment when we surprised him with the news!

Despite the unprecedented events of the COVID pandemic and the unforeseen shift in our business within the industry, Ron Joyce and the team came together to stay ahead of the curve. Under his leadership and bold philosophy, we continue to support and practice Regenerative Agriculture, protect animal breeds and their welfare, and provide healthy meat and poultry that packs delicious natural flavor to our local communities.

While we took time to celebrate his achievements, Ron Joyce pressed on getting the word out about Regenerative Agriculture's impact. He hopes to continue restoring land, raising healthy animals, and providing customers with nutritional and flavorful products.

Thank you, Ron for your hard work, passion, and dedication. While you may tell us that you'll rest once you've retired, and that you'll retire once you're at rest, we feel it imperative to take this moment in and congratulate you for your contributions - not just to the poultry industry, but to the lives of everyone at Joyce Farms!

Thank you Ron Joyce and congratulations!!!!