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Happy Cluckers: A Day In The Life Of Our Heritage Poulet Rouge™ Chickens

Happy Cluckers: A Day In The Life Of Our Heritage Poulet Rouge™ Chickens

September 21, 2016

Joyce Farms Poulet Rouge Fermier chickens have it pretty good. Not only do we raise them naturally and according to strict Label Rouge standards; We also make sure they live a happy life, doing what chickens like to do, growing in their own space and at their own pace.

What’s a typical day like for a Poulet Rouge chicken? It starts early – they’re up with the chickens. Not because we make them get up, but because, well, they’re chickens. They roam freely in a small, comfortable poultry houses, surrounded by their fellow chickens. The flocks are small, so each bird has plenty of room, and all of the birds are sure to get the care and attention they deserve.

Poulet Rouge Chickens in Poultry House

They’re given access to the outdoors from 9 a.m. until dusk, so the birds can have their own version of “recess” — running, socializing, or just relaxing and catching some rays.

Poulet Rouge Running

Poulet Rouge in Yard

They’re given music to listen to (usually classical, which seems to soothe them), and toys to play with, like these hanging CDs. Chickens love bright shiny objects.

Poulet Rouge with CDs

Occasionally they might even engage in some yard games, like this friendly staring contest. It sure looks like these two are having fun!