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Heritage Beef Knocks Their Bermuda Socks Off!

Heritage Beef Knocks Their Bermuda Socks Off!

March 30, 2017

The view from Joyce Farms president and CEO Ron Joyce’s temporary office looked a lot like paradise last week. If you guessed the photo above wasn’t taken here in North Carolina, you’d be right!

Ron took a trip to Bermuda last week to visit some of our most satisfied customers, who have also become enthusiastic advocates of Joyce Farms, our products, and the old-world methods we use to produce them.

We began supplying beef to the island last year, actually by accident, when some of our beef was mistakenly shipped there. It ended up in the hands of John O’Doherty, a meat executive at Dunkley’s, one of the largest food wholesalers in Bermuda. John discovered the quality of what he had received and realized this was no mistake — this was a happy accident. He told us to keep it coming, and even sent us this outstanding review, which we still have hanging in our sales office:

John O'Doherty Beef Review

As it turns out, Joyce Farms high-end products, particularly our Heritage Aberdeen Angus Beef and Label Rouge Heritage Poultry, continue to impress chefs, butchers, citizens and guests in Bermuda. They truly appreciate the quality and eating experience, and for a good reason — the old-world flavor. When the Bermudans taste our grass-fed beef, the taste, the smell and even the texture often remind them of their childhoods, the products they grew up with, and the quality of old-world European foods.

Bermuda map and flagAs the oldest British overseas territory, Bermuda has deep European ties, and the culture of the island reflects its heritage since many current inhabitants are of European descent.

Aberdeen AngusOur grass-fed Heritage Beef also has ties to Europe. It’s produced exclusively from our herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle, an old-world breed that we can trace back to the original old Doddie and Humble cattle that existed in Scotland in the 1700s. The Aberdeen Angus breed is noted for its ability to finish well on grass, making it an ideal breed for the production of high quality grass fed beef. Through our breed exclusivity and raising standards, we have successfully revived a natural, old-world flavor from the past that the citizens of Bermuda can remember. Welcome Back To Flavor® indeed!

During his trip, Ron attended a Chef Association of Bermuda Dinner that Joyce Farms co-sponsored along with Dunkley’s Bermuda and Baldor Specialty Foods. The menu for the event, which took place at the Village Pantry, featured Joyce Farms Poulet RougeTM chicken, oxtails, and braised beef short ribs as the star of the main course.

Chef's Dinner Menu

Dinner setting and beef short ribs

We’re thrilled that chefs and butchers in Bermuda stand behind our products, and we’re also happy to see retail popularity rise as citizens of the island discover the unmatched quality (so good it made the news last week!).

Our grass-fed Heritage Beef and Heritage Poultry products (which also deliver that old-world European flavor) are offered in several of the island’s most popular retail stores including Miles Market, The SuperMart, and Lindo’s Market.


Russell Sedgwick from Miles Market (left) and Alex Hooper from The SuperMart (right) sporting Joyce Farms aprons. 

Joyce Farms Aprons


Ron Joyce with Joyce Farms Heritage Beef (formerly Naked Beef) products at Lindo's Market.

Joyce Farms products at Lindo's Market