Whole Grass-Fed Ribeye

Joyce Farms Heritage Aberdeen Angus Grass Fed Beef Ribeye is rich in beefy flavor. Juicy and finely textured muscle with generous marbling throughout it is bursting with intricate taste. Like your steaks thick? Cut them that way – by purchasing the whole ribeye you become your own personal butcher. Cut individual ribeye steaks for the grill and/or a prime rib for roasting. Enough to feed a crowd or to stock your freezer.

  • Whole Lip-on Ribeye, 9-13 lb average
  • USDA Choice or Select Grade 
  • Ships Frozen
  • Finely Flaked Marbling
  • Smooth, velvety texture
  • Heritage Beef from our Heritage Aberdeen Angus cattle
  • Pasture raised using regenerative practices
  • All-Natural - Nothing Added Ever
  • No antibiotics, added hormones, growth stimulants, or animal by-products
  • 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, no grain or feedlots ever 
  • Certified GAP Step 4 by the Global Animal Partnership

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