Heritage Meat & Poultry

For our signature Heritage line of meat and poultry products, we traveled the world to find the very best old-world heritage breeds. These animals offer far better taste, texture, and culinary qualities than fast-growing, modern breeds used in today’s industrialized farming programs. We raise them with nothing added ever -- no antibiotics, no growth stimulants, no animal byproducts, and nothing artificial -- with strict attention to animal welfare.

Our Heritage program began with the Heritage Poulet Rouge® Chicken from France, and has grown to include Heritage Aberdeen Angus Beef from Scotland, Heritage Gloucestershire Old Spot Pork from England, Heritage Pintade (Guinea) from France, and a Heritage Black Turkey from Spain.

Our Heritage Poulet Rouge® Chicken, Heritage Aberdeen Angus Beef, Heritage GOS Pork, and Heritage Black Turkeys are raised according to the principles of our Honest with Nature™ Regenerative Agriculture program, which fosters soil health, helps to balance the carbon cycle, provides a better life for the animals, and ultimately produces more flavorful and nutrient-dense meat and poultry for you.