Joyce Farms' Mission


In partnership with our employees, farmers, and suppliers, we guarantee production of authentic, branded, natural and heritage meat and poultry products with superior culinary qualities for fine dining establishments, specialty food stores, and consumers.

A strong commitment to environmental stewardship, animal welfare, and adherence to current food safety standards is a hallmark of our company.

We will offer our employees opportunities for personal growth, development, and career advancement, and will contribute positively to our community.

Welcome Back to Flavor

Better Animals, Better Lives, Better Taste

Modern agricultural methods focus on yield, not quality. As a result, we have seen a widespread loss of natural flavor in our food. Most people today rely on spices, sauces and complicated preparation methods for a flavorful eating experience. But this wasn't always so.

Before mass production methods and genetic modification, animals were raised humanely and naturally, without antibiotics or growth stimulants. They were able to live a natural life and raised with care and respect. And believe it or not, happy and healthy animals result in tastier animals.

At Joyce Farms, we use the same animal breeds and old-fashioned farming methods that were used decades ago. The result is delicious, naturally flavorful meat that is a favorite among even the most discerning chefs, foodies, and home cooks.

Chicken Is Chicken – Or Is It?

When Ron Joyce joined his father’s chicken business in 1971, almost everyone in America was producing the standard white commercial chicken – and only that. So people had gotten the idea that chicken is chicken, and for the most part that was true. We started looking for ways to produce a tastier chicken than anyone else, and that’s been our mission ever since. 

Au Naturel - Naked Chicken

After some investigating, Ron discovered that how a chicken was raised affected the taste and texture of the meat. Chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, the feed it was given, and how quickly (or slowly) the chicken grew – all these things played a part in the taste of bird. So, long before many people even knew what “all natural” was, Ron set out to produce an all-natural chicken – a “Naked Chicken.” Now our Naked Chicken products are treasured by top U.S. chefs.

Old World + Old School - Heritage Poultry

What could be even better than that? Traveling abroad, Ron realized Europeans were enjoying a variety of poultry breeds far beyond the standard white chicken. He researched these heritage breeds and brought the best he could find to America, where they’re raised using select standards and techniques from the French Label Rouge program, passed down through generations of artisanal farmers. These Heritage Poultry products have the a naturally rich and satisfying flavor that only Mother Nature can provide.

Beyond Chicken - Beef, Pork and Game

Today our mission goes beyond producing the best tasting chicken. Our offerings now include Heritage BeefHeritage Pork, Heritage Bison as well as Naked Rabbit and Naked Duck. Today we are proud to produce a full line of the best tasting poultry, beef, and game the United States.