Small Batch Joyce Farms Cured Heritage Ham, Signature 24 Month Aged, Gloucestershire Old Spot Heritage Ham, Raised using Regenerative Agriculture, Animal Welfare Approved

Small Batch - Limited Quantities Available

Crafted from Joyce Farms Heritage Pork

Old-World Salt & Sugar Cured

Our goal was to produce a ham that is as good as or better than the Iberico hams from Spain. I consulted with Dr. Dana Hanson, a Food Scientist at NC State University, who spent time in Spain observing the Iberico breed and their ham production. In his opinion, the key to producing a superior ham is to have a hog that develops exceptional, high quality intramuscular fat, and we have that in our Old Spots, and age the ham for two years.

We then worked with a ham curing company that began curing hams in the 1940’s, and though as lot has changed in the ham curing business since then, they remember how hams were cured back then, very slowly, and for longer periods of time.

We have sampled these hams at 12 months, 15 months, and 18 months of age and so far they have exceeded our expectations in flavor, texture, and quality. Of course, you and your staff and guests will be the final judge.