Better Than Ever at 55!

March 08, 2017 0 Comments

Better Than Ever at 55!

This year marks Joyce Farms’ 55th anniversary, and we think that’s worth celebrating! Of course, we’ve changed and evolved a lot over the years, as all companies do, so here's a look at a few of our most significant milestones from over the years.

In 1962, our company was founded by Alvin Joyce as a small poultry wholesaler serving local “mom and pop” grocery stores.

Ron Joyce joined the business with his father in 1971.

Ten years later, Ron Joyce purchased the company.

In 1991, we opened a state-of-the-art processing and distribution facility in Clemmons, N.C., allowing for more rapid growth.

In 1995, we began producing the high-quality, branded, all-natural chickens we now call Naked Chicken, offering noticeably better culinary qualities than mass produced factory-farm chickens.

By 1998, we expanded our all-natural offerings to include All-Natural Turkey and Naked Duck.

We focused our time, attention and resources on our Heritage Poultry and game birds in 2001, and we established farms to produce them.

In 2005, we became the first company to produce an authentic Label Rouge chicken in America — our signature Poulet Rouge Fermier chicken. 

We expanded our Heritage Poultry production in 2006, to include Pintade Fermiere (French Guinea) and White Pheasant, one of the best meat pheasants in the world. 

Ryan Joyce, Ron's son, joined the family business in 2008. He acts as our VP of Finance and oversees financial and legal matters for the company.

Stuart Joyce joined his father and brother when he joined the company in 2010. He is now our VP of Operations, overseeing farm operations and processing. 

In 2011, we added grass-fed grass-fed beef to our line of products, and added grass-fed beef expert Dr. Allen Williams to our team to oversee its production.

In 2016, we completed an expansion to our processing plant and distribution facility, adding more storage space and a state-of-the-art hatchery that improves our capacity to incubate and hatch birds in our Heritage Poultry line.

In 2017 and beyond, we will continue to offer the finest poultry, game and beef products to chefs and consumers across America. In addition, we're working hard on an exceptional new line of pork to add to our heritage products. Stay tuned!