Heritage Poultry & Game Birds

The Search For Better Birds

Our goal is to produce the finest chicken in the world, and we have searched the world to meet that goal. Our search took us to Europe where they have been cultivating slow-growing heritage breeds for generations. We discovered a breed of chicken that we believe offers superior taste and texture, and we decided to bring it home so we can offer culinary treasures that are very rare on our shores. We then found a unique breed of guinea hen that met our same high standards and added it to our line.

The Next Level Of Quality And Purity

We raise our heritage birds with old-world care and tradition on our small family farms using our “never EVER” standards of purity:

 No Hormones


No Hormones or Steroids


No Animal By-Products


No Artificial Ingredients


To assure the great poultry developed over centuries will continue, we require our farmers to raise the birds using select standards from the French Label Rouge guidelines, which guarantee poultry production that is respectful of animal welfare, protects the environment, and produces superior flavor and culinary qualities. 

Our Heritage Birds:

Poulet Rouge Fermier® Heritage Chicken

Our Poulet Rouge Fermier® brand chicken, better known simply as Poulet Rouge® chicken is a "Cou Nu," or naked neck chicken. Ron Joyce personally selected this bird in 2003 from the French Label Rouge Program while visiting France to study the country's elite poultry industry and find the best-tasting chicken in the world. He coined the name "Poulet Rouge Fermier®" for this new bird that he would grow in the United States according to standards highly similar to the Label Rouge guidelines. The name, not otherwise known in France, is therefore unique to America as the country's first and only authentic genetic line from the Label Rouge Program, grown according to our Label Rouge standards. Our Poulet Rouge® chickens are certified GAP Step 4 by the Global Animal Partnership. We also offer a Heritage Poussin, which is a young and much smaller version of our full-grown Poulet Rouge Fermier® chicken. Similar to an American Cornish Game Hen, this bird is allowed to mature for twice the time of other Cornish Hens sold in America, giving it a much better flavor. All of the other attributes of our Poulet Rouge™ birds apply, except that these birds are too young to pasture range. Learn More or Shop Now

Pintade Fermiere – Our Heritage French Guinea Hen

At Joyce Farms, we raise arguably the best French Guinea hen in North America. Ours is one of the finest heritage French guinea fowl – Isa Essor Pintade, chosen for its renown in French cuisine. The French consume more guineas per capita than any other country, and have bred them as the choicest of meats, carefully developed to meet the demands of the most discriminating chefs and consistently offer a great dining experience. That’s why our Pintades rival the tastiest guinea in the world. These birds have enjoyed a history of culinary regard since 2400 BC. The mildest of game birds, its flavor is closest to chicken, yet with a subtle punch. It can replace chicken in any recipe or be roasted without a sauce for its pleasantly complex taste. Small and scrumptious, it makes a perfect dinner for two – or a handsome restaurant plate. Learn More or Shop Now

White Pheasant

Our White Pheasant has been specially bred over the last 30 years to be the ideal for the eating experience. The result: another outstanding bird for our Heritage collection. Most pheasants are bred and grown in America for hunting. They are selected to be fast, flighty, and challenging to hunt, and as a result, most pheasants are smaller, tough, and not ideal for eating. Our pheasant is different. This white pheasant breed was carefully selected to meet the demands of the most discriminating chefs and consistently offer a great dining experience every time. While game birds are not required to be processed under USDA inspection, at Joyce Farms we insist all of our game birds are processed in our own USDA approved plant under a strict food safety and HACCP program. It’s this kind of diligence that makes the difference when it comes to quality and taste. Learn More or Shop Now

Black Turkey

Our Heritage Black Turkey, offered seasonally for the holidays, is a traditional favorite among chefs and consumers alike. It continues to grow in popularity each year due to its exceptional natural flavor and culinary attributes. One of North America’s oldest turkey breeds, this special bird is believed to be the same breed the Pilgrims feasted on during their first Thanksgiving. We raise them following the strictest natural guidelines in an old-world tradition – slow growing, all-natural diet, and nothing added ever. Learn More or Shop Now