Batistini Farms Dark Barrel Fig Balsamic Vinegar (8.5 fl oz)

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Savory and thick Dark Barrel Fig Balsamic Vinegar from Batistini Farms is an artisanal balsamic condiment handcrafted by a family estate in Modena, Italy. They use a secret recipe of only cooked grape must, a small amount of a family-run vintner’s wine vinegar, and a hint of the natural fig fruit. This wood-barrel aged balsamic condiment is exceptional using the highest quality ingredients.

A delicate flavor condiment with wood notes, bittersweet, good acidity, and cheerful notes of nutty fig. It is a rich dark color.

Use/Pairings - grilled or smoked salmon, arugula, mixed field greens, sauces, meats, poultry, fresh vegetables, grilled porcini mushrooms, strawberries, melon, brie, goat cheese, parmesan cheese, artisan bread

No artificial ingredients, No additives, Non-GMO, Naturally Gluten-free

Please note this product comes in a glass bottle.

Slight variations may occur from batch to batch for handcrafted vinegars made with superior quality ingredients.